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BNVD-15 Gen 3-STM Dual Tube Night Vision Goggle

BNVD-15 Gen 3-STM Dual Tube Night Vision Goggle

Regular Price: $7,499.00
On Sale For: $6,499.00
In stock
Our Night BNVD-15 Gen 3ST Dual Tube Night Vision Goggle
Image Intensifier Tube Type: Standard Gen 3  (includes data sheet)
Image Tube Summary: The Standard Generation 3 image tube is an excellent value. Although these are nice image tubes they are not autogated/pinnacle tubes, however the Gen 3 Standard allows you to get Gen 3 performance at a great, great price!

Product Info:
The NO/BNVD -15 is a dual-tube, night vision goggle providing outstanding stereoscopic depth perception and supportability.

The BNVD-15 utilizes Mil Spec optics and all night vision head and helmet mount designs currently fielded for ground use by DOD personnel, allowing BNVD-15 operators greater flexibility than other existing systems

Power for the BNVD-15 is supplied by a single AA battery for 30+ hours of continuous use. The system is also submersible to 66 feet of water. Standard parts and accessories simplify in-field supportability

Rugged and lightweight, the BNVD-15 goggle converts to a long-range night vision binocular with the addition of optional 3x afocal mil spec lenses

The BNVD-15 weighs 20.5oz, making it lighter than the AN/PVS-15 and AN/PVS-23, thus more comfortable to wear in both helmet and head mounted configurations.

Included items:
  • Soft Case & lanyard
  • Dovetail Mounting Adaptor
  • Demist Shields (2)
  • Sacrificial Windows (2)
  • IR Spot/Flood Assembly
  • AA Batteries (2)
  • Lens Paper
  • Tube/system data sheet
  • Operating Manual
  • 5 Year Warranty

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