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ARMASIGHT Products Only
Free PrimeD5x Monocular with any Armasight Gen 2 ,Gen 3 ,or Gen 4 (Coupon Code: PrimeD5x)

Free HD DVR Recorder and Monitor or Extended Battery Pack with any Armasight Thermal Zeus or Apollo (Coupon Code: DVR)

FLIR Manufacturer Rebates
Scout III 240 - $100 Cash Back
Scout III 320 - $250 Cash Back
Scout III 640 - $350 Cash Back

RS24              - $200 Cash Back
RS32 1.25-5x - $500 Cash Back
RS32 2.25-9x - $500 Cash Back
RS32 4-16x    - $500 Cash Back
RS64 1.1-9x   - $750 Cash Back
RS64 2-16x    - $750 Cash Back

TS-X / TX-XR - $650 Cash Back
BTS-X Pro     - $650 Cash Back
BTS-XR Pro  - $650 Cash Back
(These are Manufacturer Rebates, You pay full price and they send you a check back. Offer valid in U.S. and Canada. For Purchase Sept 8 - October 25th 2016)

ATN Products Only
Free ATN Power Kit with the purchase of any Thor-HD or TICO (Coupon Code: ATNPowerKit)

Free ATN Shot Trak HD Camera with the purchase of the following ATN Items:
ATN Night Arrow, ARES, PS28 (Coupon Code: Shot Trak)

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Night Vision Headgear

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PASGT to MICH Helmet Adaptor (Night Optics)
    Price: $29.00
    In stock
    EOG Low Profile Counter Weight Short
      Price: $32.00
      In stock
      EOG 'Little Big Man' Counter Weight
        Price: $32.00
        In stock
        ProHelmets Optional 200 Lumin Helmet Light
          Price: $55.00
          In stock
          ProHelmets A-Bravo OD Green Medium Size
            Price: $79.99
            In stock
            ProHelmets A-Bravo Desert Tan (Various Sizes)
              Price: $79.99
              In stock
              Head Mount Mil Spec (Night Optics)
                Price: $99.00
                In stock
                Head Mount-Commercial (D-2MV, 212, 221, 321) (Night Optics)
                  Price: $139.00
                  In stock
                  Head Mount-Commercial (D-112, 300) (Night Optics)
                    Price: $139.00
                    In stock
                    Goggle Kit #1 (Spark, Ninox)
                      Regular Price: $149.00
                      On Sale For: $145.00
                      In stock
                      Helmet Mount #3 (Spark, Vega, Ninox)
                        Price: $175.00
                        In stock
                        Norotos Dual Dovetail Adapter
                          Price: $195.00
                          In stock
                          Standard Rugged Helmet Mount (PVS-7/14) NOR-1701010 | NightVision4Less
                            Price: $225.00
                            In stock
                            PVS-14 Dual Mount Adapter 274822-1  | NightVision4Less
                              Price: $249.00
                              In stock
                              Goggle Kit #2 (Nyx-14, Sirius, Nyx-7, Nyx-7 PRO)
                                Regular Price: $249.00
                                On Sale For: $239.00
                                In stock
                                ATN Universal Helmet Mount Kit
                                  Price: $279.00
                                  In stock
                                  (MICH) Mil Spec Helmet Mount
                                    Price: $299.00
                                    In stock
                                    (PASGT) Mil Spec Helmet Mount
                                      Price: $299.00
                                      In stock
                                      Bump Helmet with Shroud and Side Rails
                                        Price: $299.00
                                        In stock
                                        Flip-Up Headgear for PVS14/PVS7
                                          Price: $299.00
                                          In stock